How to Use a Self Service Car Wash?

Owning a car often involves a lot of decision-making including choosing the right cleaning method. There are two choices to car washes: self-service or automatic. Both get the job done, but the process is actually what matters most. Essentially, as an owner, you want to be guaranteed effectiveness and efficiency. Quick Navigation What Sort of … Read more

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How To Replace A/C Hose (or Line) Assembly?

How To Replace AC Hose (or Line) Assembly

Do your A/C hoses leak and need replacement? A/C hoses last an average of 8-10 years. But despite the long service life, the consistent use makes it prone to assembly leaks. Fortunately, with proper tools and knowledge, you can replace your A/C hoses. We will list down a step-by-step procedure that can save you $500 from … Read more

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Fuel Injection Hose vs. Regular Fuel Line: What’s the Difference?

Fuel Injection Hose vs. Regular Fuel Line

Polytetrafluoroethylene hoses or PTFE have solved the shortcomings of dissolving neoprene rubber hoses transporting fuels with Ethanol. Fuel injection receives higher air pressure vs. a regular fuel line. The hose initially receives the first burst of fuel from the fuel pump. A regular fuel line transports processed fuel, used as energy, from one part of … Read more

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How To Clean Your Car’s Fuel Injectors?

how to clean fuel injectors

Is your car’s frequent stuttering or misfiring due to clogged fuel injectors, or a more serious problem? You probably do not want the latter, so you must confirm if your system’s fuel injectors cause the trouble. Before cracking your engine’s lid open, check to see if your car is behaving differently. Does it have starting issues, … Read more

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How To Replace an Upper Radiator Hose?

How To Replace Upper Radiator Hose

Are you getting worried about the green liquid dripping beneath your car? Do you notice that you’ve been refilling the radiator more frequently to keep your engine cool? If yes, you must have a problem with your radiator hose. Radiator hoses are responsible for giving coolants a smooth flow from the engine to the radiator and … Read more

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How To Clean Car Battery Terminals With Vinegar?

How To Clean Car Battery Terminals With Vinegar

We are living in a world full of innovations and modernizations. With that, we cannot deny how important battery terminals are. Alkaline batteries are used to run our mobile devices. On the one hand, car batteries run our vehicles. We can say that living without batteries won’t be easy. This is the reason we should … Read more

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How To Clean Car Engine?

How To Clean Car Engine

Are you tired of going back and forth to a car shop to get your vehicle engine cleaned? If so, you are in the right place. Cleaning your car engine is easy and simple. Interestingly, you can do it in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to have effective cleaning … Read more

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How To Clean Car Interior?

How To Clean Car Interior

Once you open your car door and a whiff of an odorous smell greets you, then you might have been neglecting cleaning the interior of your car. Keeping the exterior of your car presentable and neat, and keeping the car interior pristine and dust-free help foster a healthy environment. If you enjoy spending a great deal … Read more

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How To Clean Car Battery Terminals?

How To Clean Car Battery Terminals

Battery terminals, the electrical ports where the charger is connected, have evolved in design in recent years. This makes cleaning a little intimidating for some, especially for those who have minimal technical knowledge about automotive. So, how do you clean car battery terminals exactly? Cars commonly feature three terminal types, all of which essentially follow the … Read more

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How To Clean Leather Car Seats?

How To Clean Leather Car Seats

Taking care of your car seats is a must whatever your car seat type is. Car management does not end in car wash, car detailing, car coating, or any exterior car services that you purchased to take care of your vehicle. Interior car details also matter, and should never be neglected. This is very much … Read more

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