Autobell Car Wash Prices List 2024

At a Glance:

  • Autobell is a car wash company based in North Carolina that offers interior, exterior, and extra car wash services for drivers all around the country. It also has a self-service car wash and touchless car wash.
  • As of now, Autobell has both unlimited and business accounts which starts at $19.99 a month for a full exterior unlimited plan and minimum of $100 for a business account. There are Autobell coupons and Autobell Gift Card you can use for flexibility.
  • The company is known for its friendly and helpful staff and customer service representative. It’s easy to schedule for a car wash and equipped with the latest technologies for the services they offer.

Treating your car right has tons of benefits. Beside better aesthetics and paint finish, washing your car can protect the important parts from collecting dust, dirt, and other pollutants. Autobell knows this, which is why they have been giving quality car washes since 1969.

What Is Autobell Car Wash?

Autobell Car Wash Inc. is currently one of the biggest car wash service providers in the United States. Currently headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Autobell has more than 80 branches nationwide. It has been operating for more than five decades. Way back in 1969, the company was founded by Charles Howard and is still being operated by his family.

Autobell Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Autobell Car Wash Cost?

Autobell Car Wash Prices

As one of the most affordable car washing options, Autobell still operates with quality in mind. The company has both interior and exterior cleaning services. You can also opt for their extra services such as rain repellent, tire gloss, and underbody wash. 

Prices for All Autobell Services

Price is an important factor in deciding which one car wash services are the best for you. You can check the prices and the services offered below. 

Interior & Exterior Cleaning Washes Services & Prices

These services are ideal for customers who want to have the best cleaning experience for their automobile; both interior and exterior cleaning. 

  • Full-Service Wash – Includes exterior cleaning, robotic wheel cleaning, vacuum for carpets and seats, wiping off the dash, door panel, and console. This package also includes interior window cleaning and hand drying.  ($17.99) 
  • Full-Service Wash (15-passenger vans and larger) – All the services available on a regular Full-Service Wash, but for bigger vehicles. ($21.99)
  • Super Wash – Get regular Full-Service Wash with added polish and sealer ($21.99)
  • Double Polyprocess – Get all the services from the Super Wash package with an addition of underbody wash and Double Polyprocess, an additional glossing agent and protectant. ($23.99)
  • Super Polyprocess – All the goodness of Super Wash with the addition of Double Polyprocess, AUTOGLOSS, tire gloss, and added fragrance ($26.99)

Exterior Only Cleaning Washes & Prices

What if you only want to clean the exterior of your car? Autobell offers exterior-only services for people on the go. 

  • Ride-thru Exterior – Quick touch up with exterior cleaning and robotic wheel cleaning. It offers a “drive-through car wash” service and a “do it yourself car wash”. ($6)
  • Super Exterior Wash – Protect and clean with additional polish, sealer, robotic wheel cleaning, and hand drying ($14.99)
  • Exterior Special – Get the best coating and protection with features like Double Polyprocess, tire gloss, underbody wash, and all the Super Exterior Wash features. ($19.99)
  • Super Ride-Thru –  This is a revamped version of the basic Ride-thru package. Additions include the application of polish and sealer, underbody wash, Double Polyprocess and AUTOGLOSS ($10)
  • Exterior Wash – Includes basic services like exterior cleaning and robotic wheel cleaning for quick and affordable cleaning experience ($9.99)

Extra Services: Premium Mat Cleaning Services & Prices

Want something more to accompany your clean car? Fortunately, Autobell has tons of other extras that add protection and shine to your automobile. Here are Autobell’s extra features to make your car more aesthetically appealing. 

  • Premium Mat Cleaning – Wash your rubber or vinyl mats starting at $3. 
  • Underbody Wash – Prevent dust from accumulating in your car’s underway, starting at $3. 
  • Tire Gloss – Autobell offers hand-applied tire gloss services for as low as $4.75. 
  • Fragrance Of Your Choice – Give your car interior some love by adding your own choice of fragrance for $2.50. The fragrance is applied under the front seats. 
  • Rain Repellant – Protect your car from acid rain by Autobell’s rain repellent, which is hand-applied by the expert staff of the company starting at $6. 
  • Armor All – This product ensures that your car is protected while giving an aesthetically appealing finish for $7.50.

Autobell Car Wash Price List For All Services

Autobell makes sure that the customer only pays for the services that he or she needs. Each customer can take and remove services that they don’t want to save money and time. Check out the Autobell prices and bundled services with the table below.

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Autobell Car Wash Package Options & Prices

The services of the company are offered through packages with prices listed above. However, if you’re a frequent service user, you might want to enjoy an unlimited plan membership for Autobell.

Autobell Car Wash Unlimited Plan Members & Prices

Autobell Car Wash Unlimited

Unlimited Plans are for non-business customers that want to have a freshly cleaned car at all times. If you need frequent car washing, you’ll save a lot by getting a membership for unlimited washes. Take note: unlimited plans are only available for one vehicle. You can opt for an unlimited plan for $12, $19.99, $31.99, and $69.99. Check out the best-unlimited plan for you in the list below.

Ride-thru Unlimited Plan & Price

Ride-thru option is available with other services through the Exterior Unlimited Plan. This includes robotic wheel cleaning, where you don’t have to leave your car to have a car wash. It offers automatic car wash services, but a manual car wash is an option.  This package is priced at $12 a month.

Exterior Unlimited Plan & Price

The Exterior Unlimited Plan includes services such as Ride-thru cleaning, additional services, hand car wash dry, and automatic payment after 2 visits. This service is automatically renewed monthly unless you opt not to. You can get this plan for $19.99.

Full-Service Unlimited Plan & Price

The full-service unlimited plan includes all services from the Exterior unlimited plan, but with several additions. Interior window cleaning, as well as the interior dash, door panels, and consoles, are cleaned. In addition, you can have your carpets and seats vacuumed for cleaning. This plan is offered for $31.99 a month.

Super Unlimited Plan & Price

This plan has all the features of exterior unlimited and full-service plans. In addition, it has a double poly process, AUTOGLOSS, tire gloss, and a fragrance of your choice for $69.99 a month.

Autobell Business Accounts Price

What if you have a business that uses a couple of cars? Spending $20 for a car wash can be expensive when you have more than ten cars needed to be cleaned. With Autobell’s Business Account, you will have a more affordable and faster option to get your cars shining and presentable. All the plans start at $100 per month and can be used through credit applications. 

Option #1: Great Savings with Bulk Wash Options

Bulk Wash option gives wash tickets you can use any time you want. It is the recommended option for people who has a lot of cars that need washings regularly or on case to case basis. 

Option #2: Customization

This option is for owners who want to have the flexibility and proper tracking in the services and products to be used. Each authorized owners will be billed one-time each month. 

Autobell Car Wash Price List For Unlimited Plan & Business Accounts

The unlimited and business plan accounts have their strengths and weaknesses. Both are paid with one monthly price, but a business account will let you get washes across numerous car units.

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Order Online: Buy Autobell Car Wash Gift Cards Certificates and Passes

Autobell Car Wash Gift Cards

There are more options for flexibility by getting digital products and passes. You can find these items in the shop, ready to be used without a membership.

Product Type and Prices:

  • eGift Card – Can be used for any services, as long as the eGift card price can cover it. Any unused balance will rollover your next future purchase. ($25)
  • Super Polyprocess Wash eTicket – This ticket has no expiration and includes all the services and features that you love from Super Polyprocess. ($29.99)
  • Gift Cards – Gift an Autobell car wash gift card from $10 to $100 with cards that are redeemable at any Autobell branches.
  • Autobell Annual Pass – This pass lets you get car washes without worrying about prices in one year (for one vehicle only). ($395)
  • Autobell SuperCard – Same with the annual pass, but instead of just basic car washing, you get unlimited deluxe Super Polyprocess for a year. ($855)
  • 3 Full-Service Wash Tickets – Three car washes that you can use anytime you want. ($50)
  • 50 Full-Service Wash Tickets – 50 washes with no expiration and includes a full-service car wash. ($788)
  • 50 Exterior Wash Tickets – Tickets are for 50 exterior services for exterior cleaning, robotic wheel cleaning, and hand drying. ($470)

Here are the prices for the extra products from Autobell. You can choose the annual pass or the monthly pass for convenience. Gift someone an eGift card if you think they need the services from Autobell.

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Autobell Car Wash Coupons

Autobell Car Wash Coupons

There are no available Autobell Coupon promotions available as of the moment. However, there is an e-offer that users can take to get a discount. By signing up for Autobell’s newsletter, you get $3 off your next car wash (not applicable for Ride-Thru Exterior Wash).

Autobell Car Wash Near Me, Hours, Locations & Contact: Find Your Carwash

Autobell Near Me Hours

Get the best car washes in the Autobell location near you. Find a branch using this site, or take a look at the table below to get the Autobell hours, phone numbers and services available for some locations. You can also search with Google by typing “Autobell Near Me”.

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For any concerns, inquiries, and customer support, you can contact the Autobell customer care department at 1-800-582-8096. Alternatively, you can mail your message to 1521 E. 3rd Street, Charlotte, NC 28204. You can also visit any Autobell locations and get services from staff.

Autobell Car Wash Reviews

Autobell Car Wash is known for giving outstanding service on cars and trucks alike. It as flexible products and services that fits the needs of different kind of customers. Customers at Yelp have a great experience, with scheduling appointments for convenience making it the best car wash option. The staff is known for being helpful and approachable. 

As for working with the company, 85% of employees recommends working with Autobell. Employees can take a day off if needed. Tips are great, and management is very approachable and very amiable. If you’re looking for your first ever job, you can gain a great experience working at Autobell. 

Final Thoughts

Autobell understands that giving options for both its customers and workers is best for the business.  It is recommended both for its services and employment. However, compared to its competitors, the number of locations is limited. If there is no Autobell in your location, there are other car wash services like Mister Car wash, Brown Bear Car Wash, Classic Car Wash, Hoffman Car Wash, The Wash Tub, Car Spa, Moo Moo Car Wash, Delta Sonic Car Wash, Quick Quack Car Wash, Mike’s Carwash, Zips Car Wash, Crew Carwash, Splash Car Wash, and Goo Goo Car Wash to check out. 

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

To use your membership, you need to have a card and a sticker on your front door jamb. Your card and the sticker should match before you can use the service. The plan is transferrable to any car, but a plan holder can only use the product with one car.

What If I Want To Change The Billing Information? 

You can change your billing information at any Autobell locations. 

How Do I Use My Membership?

Subscribers will receive a card and a sticker. The sticker needs to be placed outside of the windshield or the door jamb. 

What If I Lost My Membership Card or Sticker? 

You can always get the best a replacement for the card or the sticker from the nearest Autobell location. Just show them your proof of membership. 

Can I Use It On Multiple Vehicles? 

No, you can’t use the membership in multiple cars. But you can transfer the membership from one vehicle to another.

How Do I Renew The Plan Each Month? 

Membership is renewed automatically each month. It will only be canceled if your credit card is canceled or if you canceled voluntarily.

How To Apply For A Job From Autobell Car Wash?

Working on Autobell gives you a lot of car washing and other benefits. This opportunity is perfect for teenagers who are trying to save up during summer or during their free time. You need to be at least 16 years old or older to apply for any of the jobs, as well as a valid driver’s license to submit an Autobell application. Check out the available Autobell job opportunities here.  Here are some of the benefits of working with Autobell:

  • Flexible Autobell Car Wash Hours
  • Referrals
  • Cash Tips
  • Free Car Wash Weekly
  • No Night Shift
  • Gives Scholarship For College
  • Free Training For The Job

You can submit your Autobell Applications in the Autobell location near you.

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