Mike’s Carwash Prices 2024

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Mike’s Carwash is a family-owned company that offers manual car wash, self-service car wash, full-service car wash, automatic car wash, and more services. 

  • The carwash provides basic wash for as low as $9. Its unlimited car wash plan is available for only $34 a month. 
  • Hours of operation usually start at 8 AM for most of Mike’s Carwash location.s Customers can avail great discount by buying a wash book. 
  • Getting a job at Mike’s carwash is a great first job. In addition, the customers love the quick service, with some reviews even commenting Mike’s is “faster than McDonald’s!” 

With over 70 years of experience, Mike’s Carwash is undoubtedly one of the most successful businesses in its industry. Getting a quick car wash in their locations is greatly recommended.  We compiled some of the most relevant information about this company.

What Is Mike’s Carwash?

What Is Mike’s Carwash?

Mike’s Carwash is a company opened by Joe and Ed Dahm during the post-WWII era. Back then, a carwash company was a gamble for entrepreneurs. Joe and Ed took the risk, and 70 years later, their business is still running.

Who Own’s Mike’s Carwash?

The company is still being managed by the same family. Joe Dahm is still alive and is still overseeing the business. Meanwhile, Mike Dahm is the current president while Ty Dubay is the Chief Operating Officer.

Is Mike’s Carwash The Same As Crew Carwash?

Mike’s Carwash is focused on serving the areas of Cincinnati, Dayton, Evansville, Fort Wayne, and Mishawaka. Crew Carwash is currently handling operations in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Kokomo, Terre Haute, Anderson, and Ohio.

Mike’s Carwash Customer Service

Customers can opt for interior or exterior car cleaning services. Full-service car wash is currently available with Ultimate Wash, which is the best wash features the company is offering right now.

Mike’s Carwash Prices: How Much Does Mike’s Carwash Cost?

Mike’s Carwash Prices

Customers have four options to choose from when taking their car cleaning routine to Mike’s. For retail prices, the basic starts at $9 while the best wash is at $20 only.

  • Basic Wash – no brush wash and hot air dryers for only $9. 
  • Choose 2 Wash – choose your preferred addition: clear coat, Wheel Bright, Underbody, and Tire Shine for $14. 
  • Works Wash – better protection with all services from Choose 2 Wash for only $16.
  • Ultimate Wash – Works wash with FastWax, Wheel Bright, Underbody, and Tire Shine for $20.

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost at Mike’s Carwash?

If you’re a casual customer or is not a regular car user, getting the car wash services at retail prices can be a better option. Even if you want the best services, you won’t be spending for over $20 with Mike’s Carwash Ultimate Wash. Here is Mike’s carwash price list.

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Mike’s Carwash Unlimited Washes Prices

For people who like to get their cars cleaned regularly, Mike’s carwash unlimited plans are better options financially. You can choose between the regular monthly plan starting at $34, or opt for a six-month plan for more savings. Mike’s Carwash monthly pass will be provided upon plan approval. This unlimited plan does not cater for bigger vehicles used for transporting passengers. See the commercial plans below for more information.

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Commercial plans are for drivers who own transportation vehicles such as taxis, transport shuttles, limos, and more. You will be given a barcode sticker that you must have in your windshield for seamless washes in the future.

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Mike’s Carwash Early Bird Prices

Mike’s Carwash Early Bird Prices

If you’re an early bird and like getting up early for your regular car cleanup, Mike’s Carwash can help you get the best deals. Avail any of their wash packages before 9 AM, and you’ll get a discount up to $4 for every wash. This discount is available every day.

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Price List For All Mike’s Carwash Services:

What if you want other services like wheel cleaning and underbody wash? For as low as $3, you can add more value to with Mike’s Carwash a la carte pricing. Check the services available a la carte below.

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Self-serve utilities depend on your current cleaning needs. Use the vending machine for wash bays and vacuum islands for a customized experience. Pay what you only use with these services. Mike’s wash bays are open for 24 hours every day.

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All the car prices are from the official Mike’s Carwash official website. You can find more information about their services by going to their official website. The tables and information presented above are the latest prices. Check their website to know what locations are currently open amidst the current health crisis.

Free Mike’s Carwash

By joining the newsletter group, you can have a free one-time Ultimate Wash. In addition to this, you can add a free gift box if you bought a gift card or a wash book during the sale. This free stuff is available to keep using Mike’s online store. Don’t forget to add the item to the cart before paying.

Should I Tip at Mike’s Carwash?

Members of Mike’s carwash like to give the best they can in giving the best car wash services in town. With great services, a lot of people are making kind gestures by giving tips. Unfortunately, Mike’s Carwash doesn’t receive tips from customers because it is the company’s belief that the best services are already included in the pay. Instead, the staff is incentivized by seeing customers come back for their regular car cleaning.

How Much Is The Franchise of Mike’s Carwash?

Unfortunately, Mike’s Carwash is a family-owned company and has been for decades. To retain the quality of services offered, the business will continue to be maintained by the original family owners. As of now, the company has no plans to offer Mike’s carwash franchise or to go public.

Mike’s Carwash Books Prices

Cost of Mike’s Carwash Books

Current wash books available right now are for Ultimate, Works, Choose 2, and Basic books. You can buy 4 washes with 2 washes free. But for people who have multiple cars, the 52 washes book is a better option. You can save up to $361 per book. Check out the available options below.

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Note: Add the Free Gift Box item in the cart before paying your purchase.

Cost of Mike’s Carwash Gift Cards?

Gifting someone or trying to throw some subtle shade? Mike’s Gift Cards are versatile products that can be used on any wash or service. You can buy them online and redeem at any of Mike’s Carwash locations nationwide.

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Mike’s Carwash Coupons & Promotion Code

Mike’s carwash offers different promotions throughout the year. Here are some of its active running promotions right now, available on every Mike’s locations nationwide.

Mike’s Carwash Coupon Books

Every year, Mike’s carwash holds a sale for its loyal fans via distributing wash books. For every four washes you buy, you get two free washes too. You can also buy a sport-themed wash book, featuring Bengals and Red Ultimate books.

Mike’s Carwash Promo Code

Unfortunately, there is no available Mike’s Carwash promo code right now. Check out other car wash promotions right here.

Free Mike’s Carwash Coupons

Start earning rewards with Mike’s Carwash app. You can win a free Ultimate Wash upon joining the club. To join, full up the form here to claim the reward. Once in a while, there is also Mike’s Carwash Veterans Day that happens each year.

Mike’s Express Carwash Coupons

As of now, the company is not offering any wash coupons for Mike’s Express Carwash locations. You can join Mike Carwash newsletter to receive personalized coupons and more freebies you can enjoy.

Mike’s Carwash Cost Near Me Locations & Hours Of Operation

Carwash facilities are open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM. Other locations’ hours may vary. For more information, contact the customer service staff using this contact form.

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Mike’s Carwash Open Corporate Office:

The support office is located at 100 Northeast Drive, Loveland, Ohio 45140. Mike’s Carwash hours for support office is open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Phone Number & Contact Info: 

Contact Number: (513) 677-4700

Email: [email protected]

Official Contact Form: https://www.mikescarwash.com/pages/form_contact

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikescarwash

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/MikesCarwashInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikes.carwash/

Other Car Wash Prices

Both Mike’s Carwash and Crew Carwash are currently operating in Ohio, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis area. For places not covered, you can try other alternatives such as Hoffman Car Wash, Mister Car Wash, Goo Goo Car Wash, Splash Car Wash, Moo Moo Car Wash, Quick Quack Car Wash, Zips Car Wash, Autobell Car Wash, Brown Bear Car Wash, Shell Car Wash, and Delta Sonic Car Wash.

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Final Thoughts

Mike’s carwash gives a more affordable option for people who don’t want to purchase an unlimited club membership but don’t want to get stuck with retail wash prices. Its best feature as of the moment is its wash books and reward app. With affordable prices, you can get your car cleaned as good as new without breaking the bank.


Does Mike’s Carwash Have Air?

Mike’s Carwash uses a proprietary dryer in each location. This proprietary machine is designed to evaporate all the water from any vehicle for a squeaky clean and dry.

Does Mike’s Carwash Have Free Vacuums?

Each Mike’s location is installed with powerful and self-service vacuums. The services are self-service and use a vending machine, along with other car care products like glass cleaner and microfiber towels.

How Do I Cancel Mike’s Carwash Membership?

Unlimited plan members can cancel their membership or update their credit card details online by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also call the customer service at (513) 677-4700. Take note: cancellation is only available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Members can cancel their plans at any time of the month. However, the cancellation will only start on the next billing date. So if your billing date is at the end of the month, and you canceled during the 15th day, your plan will still be active before the next billing date.

Mike’s Carwash Jobs / Careers Application:

The company is always looking for people who want to get experience in working with this industry. Students can get up to $2,500 per year as college tuition assistance. Employees can enjoy flexible schedules, full-time benefits for associates, and competitive pay with monthly incentives per month. There are four positions available at Mike’s: associate, management, clean up, and support center. If you’re interested in working at Mike’s Carwash, check out this online form for available positions.

What Is Mike’s Carwash Fundraiser?

Organizations that need funding can submit a donation request at Mike’s. The company only accommodate requests that are received at least two weeks before the said fundraising event. With this program, your company can buy and sell car wash tickets for a discounted price. After the fundraising, participating organizations can keep 50% of the proceeds.

Mike’s Carwash Reviews: Is Mike’s Carwash Good?

What makes Mike’s carwash preferred by its loyal customers is its reward system. Customers get free stuff by getting more reward points for every car wash. In addition, services are always quick and thorough. Even if the lines are long, washes are done at a decent speed. Wash staff enjoys a flexible schedule and regular benefits.

Mike’s Carwash Damage & Complaints

To provide better services and avoid damages, Mike’s Carwash has vehicle restrictions in place. For example, the company will not wash trucks that contain fuel thanks, uncovered beds, dual rear trucks, full-size hummers, and vehicles with flaking rust or perforated metal. You can check if your vehicle can be accepted in the Vehicle Restriction page.

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