LUV Car Wash Prices List 2024: Cost & Reviews

At a Glance:

  • Paradise Car Wash is a relatively new car wash franchise across California, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 
  • The company offers a 3-tier car wash plan from $8 to $22 for a single wash and $22.99 to $36.99 for a monthly subscription. 
  • They are currently transitioning acquired stores nationwide to be a part of their brand, which can mean a more varied customer experience location-wise. 

If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re looking for detailed information on LUV Car Wash prices, wondering about the quality of their services, or contemplating a membership. Well, you’re in the right place! From single washes to unlimited plans, LUV Car Wash offers a range of options designed to keep your car sparkling without breaking the bank.

Introduction of LUV Car Wash

Introduction of LUV Car Wash

Established in 2021 by Darren Skarecky and JT Thomson, LUV Car Wash has its headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. The car washing service spans multiple states, with several locations where you can avail of their services.

The exact operating hours vary from location to location. San Diego operates from 7 AM to 8 PM, while other states are open from 8 AM to 8 PM. It has multiple locations across several states, including California, Nevada, Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania, among others. 

LUV Car Wash caters to your convenience with unlimited and single wash options. With 75 locations, you can experience our services at your own pace.

LUV Car Wash Prices

LUV Car Wash Prices

This section details the pricing structure at Luv Car Wash, highlighting the specific costs associated with various services. Take note that all of the prices might be subject to change. Pricing might be cheaper or more expensive based on location. 

How Much Does LUV Car Wash Cost: Single Wash? 

How Much Does LUV Car Wash Cost: Single Wash Price?

Luv Car Wash offers structured pricing across three main tiers for customers seeking different service levels. The single-wash pricing gives users a balanced choice, starting at $10 for the basic plan and up to $22 for premium options. 

  • First LUV ($10)
  • Lotta LUV ($17)
  • All the LUV ($22)

LUV Car Wash Membership Prices

LUV Car Wash Membership Prices

New memberships auto-renew every 30 days from sign-up. Get on-site approval for the promo rate in the first month. Rates will be upheld until cancellation request. Here are the prices for unlimited plans. 

  • First LUV Unlimited ($22.99)
  • Lotta LUV Unlimited ($29.99)
  • All the LUV Unlimited ($36.99)

Not all locations accept memberships online, especially for sites in Los Angeles. For these locations, any membership actions should be done on-site for these branches. 

LUV Car Wash Free Wash

LUV Car Wash Free Wash

As of now, there are no promotions offering free washes. However, watch for special events like the ‘Tunnel of LUV,’ providing a discounted wash for a limited time.

LUV Car Wash Prices List

This concise table provides a breakdown of packages, detailing their inclusions and corresponding prices for your convenience.

LUV Car Wash Prices List


Price: (Single wash)

Price: (Unlimited wash)


First LUV



Superior Wash, Quality Dry, and Free Vacuums

Lotta LUV



First LUV + Wheel Cleaner, Carnauba Wax, and Triple Foam Conditioner

All the LUV



Lotta LUV + 2X Wheel Cleaner, 2X Clear Coat Sealant, Entrance Bath and Fusion Prime

Prices Compared to Other Car Wash Brands

LUV Car Wash Prices Compared to Other Car Wash Brands

This analysis provides a straightforward comparison of Luv Car Wash’s rates. Prices can vary depending on location, car size, and service offerings.

LUV Car Wash Prices vs. Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Price: (Cheapest Single Car Wash)

LUV Car Wash


Rich’s Car Wash


Wow Car Wash


Woodman Car Wash


  1. LUV Car Wash: Prices range from $10 to $22. Structured pricing across three tiers, catering to different detailing preferences and needs.
  2. Rich’s Car Wash: Offers a single wash for $8 simple clean but primarily operates in monthly unlimited washes from $20 to $60.
  3. Wow Car Wash: Services span $7 to $22, with features like advanced protection, tire shine, and UV protection in various tiers.
  4. Woodman Car Wash: Exterior wash options from $8 to $16, with a comprehensive $25 package for an all-encompassing clean.

How to Save: LUV Car Wash Coupons

How to Save: LUV Car Wash Coupons

This section delves into how customers can effectively reduce expenses at LUV Car Wash through initial deals, local promotions, and exclusive offers.

Initial Subscription Savings

New customers can enjoy premium services for the price of a single wash in the first month, with standard rates applying after that.

Local Promotions

Watch for unique location-specific events, such as the “Tunnel of Love,” offering services sometimes as low as $1.

Social Media Engagement

Follow LUV Car Wash’s social media to access exclusive discounts and promotions.

How To Pay For LUV Car Wash?

How To Pay For LUV Car Wash

Customers can pay and manage their monthly subscriptions using this contact form. This form may only be available to some locations. Alternatively, customers can use gift cards and over-the-counter payment options, whichever is more convenient.

You can contact the company’s customer service team using these channels:

LUV Car Wash Hours & Locations Near Me

LUV Car Wash Hours & Locations Near Me

Find your nearest LUV Car Wash, check hours, connect with corporate, and compare prices easily. Remember, some new locations may be available online after some time.

These are just some of the most popular locations. Check out their official website to get more accurate data on addresses and contact information.

LUV Car Wash Locations:

Phone Number:

Las Vegas


San Diego








Simi Valley


Thousand Oaks


Fort Lauderdale


Orange City


El Centro


Fleming Island


Woodland Hills




Blue Diamond


Fernandina Beach


Los Angeles


St- Augustine


Tips & Guides: How to Use LUV Car Wash

Tips & Guides: How to Use LUV Car Wash

Getting the most out of LUV Car Wash is easy when you know what to look for. The following tips and guides are designed to help you navigate their services effectively.

  • Utilize Online Resources: Use the LUV Car Wash location app and other online tools to streamline your experience.
  • Special Offers and Events: Stay alert for their $1 washes and community events, which are excellent opportunities for savings.
  • Vehicle Measurement: The standard maximum height for express car washes is 7’2″. Ensure your vehicle, especially tire width (max 12.5″), complies with these dimensions. 
  • Membership Usage: Your membership can be used at any LUV location within the national network. The License Plate Reader technology will recognize your membership at different locations, so plan your car washes wisely. 

How to Cancel LUV Car Wash Membership?

How to Cancel LUV Car Wash Membership

To cancel your LUV Car Wash membership, contact their customer support team or manage your account directly on their website. The customer service team would process each request within 24 to 48 hours. 

Some locations in California, such as Los Angeles and Santa Rosa, do not support membership management online. Please contact your local car wash for membership cancellation. 

LUV Car Wash Reviews: Is It Worth It? 

LUV Car Wash Reviews: Is It Worth It

The Positive

Luv Car Wash is a relatively new car wash with ongoing acquisitions and transitions across Florida and other new locations. And because of this, some customers are happy to see the upgrades in prices, customer service, and the kind of wash they’re getting. 

Customers also love the extra conveniences like free vacuums and clean premises. These factors contributed to their pleasant experiences. 

The Positive LUV Car Wash Reviews

The Negative

But the negatives are also deeply connected with the acquisition and transition. For instance, some locations don’t still have structured customer support outside of their location. The content on their FAQs page on the official website is just text templates. So, if you need help with something, expect a delayed response. 

The Negative LUV Car Wash Reviews

And because some locations are upgrading and transitioning, the performance can be a hit or miss, depending on the previous system of the acquired car wash. The processes for getting refunds and actions for damages still need to be implemented.

The Negative LUV Car Wash Reviews

The Negative LUV Car Wash Reviews

The Middle Ground

On the other hand, some customers love the excellent self-service options and conveniently quick payments.

The Middle Ground LUV Car Wash Reviews

These are recent reviews found on Yelp. Just like any other business, there are pros and cons due to varied customer experiences and different locations. 

Conclusion: Cost at LUV Car Wash

LUV Car Wash Cost

Luv Car Wash seems to be targeting rapid expansion, which can have mixed results and customer reactions. If you’re a regular in an old car wash that has been acquired, you can either have an improved experience or a downgraded service. 

While the 3-tiered car wash plans are balanced, it may feel slightly limiting for customers who are used to more flexibility. But their community events and the first-month discount can be attractive for customers looking to get car washes regularly.

FAQs on LUV Car Wash Prices:

FAQs on LUV Car Wash Prices

Here are the answers to your LUV Car Wash questions. 

1) How Much Does a Wash Cost at LUV Car Wash? 

A single wash at LUV Car Wash ranges from $10 to $22, depending on the chosen plan. 

2) LUV Car Wash Express Exterior Wash Price? 

LUV Car Wash’s basic “First LUV” package costs $10, offering an express exterior wash along with quality dry and free vacuums.

3) LUV Car Wash Full Service Wash price? 

The “All the LUV” package is their top-tier full service, priced at $22, encompassing comprehensive cleaning features and treatments.

4) How Much Does LUV Car Wash Membership Cost? 

LUV Car Wash memberships range from $22.99 to $36.99 per month, based on the plan, offering unlimited washes within that period.

5) LUV Car Wash Car Detailing Services price? 

LUV Car Wash doesn’t offer car detailing services; it focuses on standardized wash packages.

6) How Much Does LUV Car Wash Franchise Cost? 

Potential franchisees should contact the company directly.

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