Chevron Encinitas Car Wash Prices 2024

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Chevron Encinitas is a reliable car wash and automobile service provider based in California. Hours of operation, coupons, and promotions, and car wash prices presented in this article. 

  • Cali-based drivers can enjoy car wash services with as low as $8.99. 
  • Chevron Deli operates between 8 AM and 3 PM. Car wash services are available from 8 AM to 3 PM. 
  • As of now, Chevron has four main promotions and coupon offerings for headlight restoration, wax express, hand wax, and car wash specials. 

Are you looking for a lovely place that offers the best car wash services in California?  Chevron Encinitas is one of your best options. The company is known for being one o the best one-stop car wash/detailing stations in town. For efficiency, Chevron Gas Stations with Car Wash are the best destinations around.

What is Chevron Car Wash?

Chevron Encinitas is an all-in-one destination for drivers in California. It offers gas refilling, car wash, and detailing services. Visitors can also enjoy a deli and convenience store for a quick snack. The facility was established in 1996 as a gas station and added a car wash facility 12 years later.

Chevron Car Wash Prices

For products and services flexibility, Chevron Encinitas offers five car wash packages: Diamond Wash, Platinum Wash, Gold Wash, Regular Wash, and Express Wash. The company offers flexible choices even further with their cheaper A la Carte Menu.

How Does Chevron Car Wash Pricing Compare?

Unlike other car wash services around California, Chevron Encinitas can give you both interior and exterior wash without spending more than $20. In addition to affordable offers, Chevron Encinitas makes sure that its customers get the utmost convenience by offering other services.

Prices For Chevron Car Wash:

With five main car wash packages, customers have very flexible choices. Get the cheapest and quickest one with only $8.99 or opt for the best cleaning package for only $27.99.

  • Express Wash – available at express locations 24/7. This package includes exterior wash and light hand dries only for $8.99.
  • Regular Wash – exterior wash only. Includes wheels, wipe dash and console cleaning with mats and carpets vacuum and window wash for $12.99.
  • Gold Wash – with Pre-Wash prep and Regular Wash package. Wheels, windows, and vacuum cleaning are also available. In addition to this, the package also has sealer wax, air freshener, and tire dressing for as low as $16.99.
  • Platinum Wash – All the features of Gold Wash in addition to Foam Wax, Clear Coat Protectant, Under Body Rinse, and Exterior vinyl dressing for only $21.99.
  • Diamond Wash – With all features from Platinum Wash, as well as interior vinyl dressing exterior vinyl dressing, and wheel detailing and costs only $27.99.

Prices For Chevron Car Wash Detail:

Detailing packages starts at $44.99 for express. If you want a more specific service such as Carnauba hand wax application, you can check the A la Carte menu. Here are the official detail packages of Chevron Encinitas.

  • Mini Detail – SuperWorks wash, express wax, shampooing mats, and interior or exterior dressing or $79.99.
  • Interior Detail – shampooing of seats, carpets, and mats, as well as super works and cleaning (for dash, console, and doors), can be bought for only $99.99.
  • Exterior Detail – Includes hand wax, high-speed buffer, blue coral exterior trim, tire dressing, superWorks wash, and Teflon paint sealant for $159.99.
  • Complete Detail – Considered as the best-detailing package Chevron Encinitas offers. This package includes SuperWorks Wash, High-Speed Buffing, Shampooing (for seats, carpets, and mats), Hand Wax, Teflon, Blue Coral Dressing, and clay. You can get this package at the price of $239.99.

Other bundles for car detailing services are also available on any Chevron Encinitas Express location. Get more services for less price compared to the regular A la Carte menu. Every Chevron car wash locations offer A la Carte and package-based services.

  • Wax Express – with Diamond Wash, tire dressing, paint protectant, wheel clean, and exterior trim dressing for $44.99.
  • Seat Express – has Diamond Wash with Seats Shampoo, air freshener, and Interior leather or vinyl dressing for as low as $44.99.
  • Carpet Express – shampooing of front and back carpets and our mats for $44.99.

Chevron Car Wash Prices List:

This is the official service price list for Chevron Encinitas. From Express car washes to the best car wash and detailing services, the Chevron menu can accommodate each kind of budget with a wide array of available services.  Below are the main car wash product lines and their prices.

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Want a specific service? Pick your favorite option in the A la Carte menu. Take note: there are products and services pricings based on consumption and other factors. Base prices and rates are provided. Prices might vary, as larger vehicles such as trucks, minivans, and SUVs cost extra.

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Express Detailing services are also available. Get parts of your car cleaned for less time and less money compared to local competitors with Chevron Express Packages.

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The official detailing packages starts at $79.99 (for smaller cars), with the best option at $239.99 (for both interior and exterior detailing). All packages include SuperWorks Wash, which is a car and detailing combination of cleaning and protection.

Chevron Car Wash Coupons

To attract more customers, Chevron Encinitas runs promotions that give huge savings. As of now, their promotion is available in the form of coupons (there are no Chevron Car Wash Codes at the moment). Just show or print the coupons below to avail discounts and special offers. The coupon needs to be printed and only one coupon per customer can be used. Take note: promotional packages are not valid or cannot be exchanged for other packages (e.g. using Headlight Restoration coupon for Wax Express). Bigger or smaller vehicles might also be declined for safety purposes.

  • Headlight Restoration – Want to restore your old and faded headlight fora cheaper prices? You can grab these coupons or a Chevron Encinitas discount. Get headlight restoration or only $59.99 (regular price: $120).Chevron Car Wash Coupons
  • Wax Express – With this package, you will get Diamond Wash, tire dressing, wheel clean, paint protectant, and exterior dressing or only $39.99 (regular price: $44.99).Chevron Car Wash Coupons
  • Hand Wax – This package is a great option or people opting for products such as hand waxing, Gold Wash, tire dressing, and wheel clean. Save $10 and get the listed services for only $44.99.Chevron Car Wash Coupons
  • Car Wash Specials – Do you need more savings on any of your package purchases? Use this Chevron car wash coupon and get $3 off on any Gold Wash, Platinum Wash, or Diamond Wash.Chevron Car Wash Coupons

Chevron Car Wash Hours

If you’re planning to opt for Chevron’s car wash services, their hours of operation are from Monday to Sunday, 8 AM to 6 PM. Express locations and gas stations are open for 24 hours. Deli hours are only available between 8 AM to 3 PM from Mondays to Saturdays only. For bookings during the holidays and state occasions, contact customer service at (760) 942-6802 or send them an email at [email protected].

Are There Ways To Reduce Cost?

As of now, there is only one way to reduce the Chevron car wash cost when opting for Chevron Encinitas services: by using coupons. We will update this post with the latest Chevron Encinitas offerings once they became available in the future. For optimal purchase, you can always check the a la carte menu and avail affordable offerings.

Common Specials With Chevron Car Wash To Save Your Money

Aside from the coupons offered, Chevron Encinitas also offers a decent selection of snacks for travelers. From delicious sandwiches to a hearty soup, you can expect a great snack time at their deli and sandwich store. Served by friendly staff, the store also offers a great variety of drinks to quench your thirst. Enjoy your hot coffee in the morning to start your day, and grab yourself a cold beer after long hours of work.

Moonlight Beach Deli Prices

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Final Thoughts

When in a hurry, Chevron Encinitas is one of the best places to go for car wash, detailing, and a cozy place for a quick snack in California. You can get everything that you need related to any automobile services and products. Although there is no monthly subscription option, customers still receive a bang for their buck with affordable offers. And with the variety of food selection and the quality of products and services, there’s no doubt you’d enjoy your stay at Chevron Encinitas. If you’re not in California, but want to have services as great as Chevron Encinitas, you don’t need to worry! You can check out these other car washes and automobile services:

  • Hoffman Car Wash – car wash and jiffy lube services based in Albany NY.
  • Mister Car Wash – Tucson-based car wash, detailing, and Mister Oil changing facility based in Tucson.
  • Autobell Car Wash– A North-Caroline based car wash company that offers basic and premium car wash services.
  • Brown Bear Car Wash – Best monthly plans and retail prices for Seattle drivers.
  • Delta Sonic Car Wash – The best automobile convenience facility at Buffalo NY. Also, enjoy their a la carte services.
  • Goo Goo Car Wash – Check out Goo Goo Car wash deals and promos if you’re in Columbus, Georgia.
  • Quick Quack Car Wash – Want to get rid of Texas dirt? Go to Quick Quack car wash for quick and affordable automobile services.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do all Chevron stations have Techron?

Chevron Encinitas, as well as other gas stations like Texaco and Caltex, use Techron for protecting, cleaning, and restoring the engine’s performance. The company also uses Meguiar’s certified products which are serviced by the Meguiar-certified employees.

Does Chevron have vacuums?

The car wash facility has vacuum options offered at Regular Wash and Gold Wash. It’s not free but the price is still one of the best in town.

Is Chevron a gas station?

Chevron gas station car wash is a one-stop automobile convenience facility, which means that it has everything that you needed when dealing with cars on the road. It has a gas station, car wash, detailing facility, and a snack and deli store.

Are Chevron Car Washes Touchless?

Users can always opt for the 24/7 Chevron touchless car wash/express for quick and affordable service. These automatic car washes are available on Chevron Encinitas express stations. For customers that need manual car washes, the friendly car wash staff is willing to get your car look as best as it could.

How can I contact Chevron?

The best way to contact Chevron’s customer service is via calling their hotline at (760) 942-6802. Users can also send an email at [email protected], which will be answered as soon as possible.

What is Chevron’s operating hours?

It depends on the services. The Deli station is available between 8 AM and 3 PM while wash services are open from 8 AM to 3 PM.

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