Classic Car Wash Prices List 2024

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  • Classic Car Wash is a California-based business that has been offering car-care services for almost two decades. 
  • They offer both full service car wash and exterior-only packages, with $16.99 being the cheapest and $44.99 being the most expensive as a premium option.
  • As of now, the company has 4 active CA locations usually open between 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM every day except on holidays.

Classic Car Wash is a CA-exclusive car wash provider that offers full service and exterior automatic car wash options for drivers for various locations. It also offers a detailing service within its facilities for people who wants to revamp their vehicle cosmetics.

Introduction to Classic Car Wash 

What is Classic Car Wash

As one of the longest car care providers in California, the Classic Car Wash franchise only has 4 locations: Delta Queen, Robertsville. Westgate, and Lark Avenue. Its services are available for cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles during the operating hours of 7 AM to 6 PM (available time might vary from one location to another). On average, most users wait for between 15 to 30 minutes to receive services. 

Classic Car Wash Prices

Classic Car Wash Prices

The car wash company provides both exterior and complete wash packages, in addition to detailing for improved car aesthetics. All of their exterior washes are available as an unlimited monthly subscription plan with varying prices. Unfortunately, they don’t have an “interior-only” option and don’t have their own refueling stations. 

How Much Is A Car Wash At Classic? 

How Much Is A Car Wash At Classic?

Your spendings would depend on the type of wash needed. All of Classic’s available packages are listed below along with price and inclusions. They also offer a unique option called “Car Care Package” in which the customer can have an unlimited exterior option with up to one or more complete washes (depending on whether you opt for “Deal” or “Ultimate”). 

Prices for All Classic Car wash Services

Prices for All Classic Car wash Services

The price of washes might vary based on the package and its offerings. For full-service packages, drivers can either spend $39.99 or $44.99. Exterior washes are priced at $16.99, $18.99, and  $22.99. Their unlimited option is called Monthly Exterior Fast Past, which is only available for exterior plans. If you want to get at least one full wash a month, you can opt for the Car Care Package which includes one Ultimate Full Service Car Wash. Fast Pass is usable to any vehicle you own, as long as you comply with the one-car a day policy. 

Classic Car Wash Prices List: Classic Car Wash Menu

Classic Car Wash Prices List: Classic Car Wash Menu

Here are the Classic Car Wash prices all in one spot. All of these are for the single wash only. For exterior fast passes, you might want to contact them at [email protected] to discuss your subscription arrangement.

Classic Car Wash Prices for Full Service Packages


Package Offerings:



Wash, body guard, polish sealer, tire dressing, air freshener, wheel bright, interior dusting, interior vacuum, windows, and cup holder hand cleaning



Deal Package + lava pre-soak and carnauba wax


Classic Car Wash Prices for Exterior Wash Packages


Package Offerings:



Wheel bright and spot-free rinse


The Lava

Exterior + body guard, polish sealer, and lava pre-soak


The Carnauba

The Lava + carnauba wax


Compared Prices  To Other Car Wash Brands

Classic Car Wash Prices Compared To Other Car Wash Brands

Compared to other brands like HEB Car Wash, Terrible Herbst, Sheetz Car Wash, Mister Car Wash, Goo Goo Car Wash, and Zips Car Wash, the Classic Car Wash is quite pricey. But if you want the monthly exterior subscription with one discounted wash, you might find Classic as the only option.

Cobblestone's Car Wash Prices vs. Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Prices: (One-Time Wash )

Classic Car Wash









Are There Ways To Reduce Cost?

Tips To Reduce Classic Car Wash Cost

Unfortunately, there are no active coupons and specials at the time of writing. You can check out their social media accounts or email them at [email protected] to get notified.

Classic Car Wash Hours & Locations Near Me

Classic Car Wash Hours & Locations Near Me

Here is the list of Classic Car Wash hours and locations and their contact numbers.

Classic Car Wash Locations and Contact Info


Open Hours:




7:00AM – 6:00PM (Everyday)


(408) 377-2525


7:00AM – 6:00PM



(408) 371-2565


7:30AM – 6:00PM (Everyday)


(408) 996-2515


7:30 AM– 5:30PM (Everyday)

16500 LARK AVE, LOS GATOS, CA 95032

(408) 356-2525

How to Cancel Classic Car Wash Plan?

How to Cancel Classic Car Wash Plan?

You can cancel your Monthly Exterior Fast Pass by calling 408-371-2414 ext 409, or you can send an email to [email protected]

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts on Classic Car Wash

Overall, Classic Car Wash is a good-rounded company that provides wide-ranging services. CA locals usually like the quick wash and great service, but the cost can be a bit pricey depending on your available budget. This might be the best car wash for you if you drive around the area.

FAQs:  (Frequently Asked Questions) 

FAQs about Classic Car Wash

How Much Does Classic Car Wash Cost? 

All of the car wash offerings range from as cheap as $16.99 to as expensive as $44.99.

How Much is Classic Car Care Package? 

This depends on your vehicle and the exterior plan that you want to match. Contact the customer service provider at [email protected].

How Much Does Exterior Wash Cost at Classic Car Wash? 

Exterior washes are available for $16.99, $18.99, and $22.99. 

How Much Does Classic Full Service Car Wash Cost? 

Full car wash packages are available for $39.99 and $44.99.

How Much Does Classic Detail Performance Car Wash Cost? 

The detailing service prices depend on what you’re opting for and might need to coordinate with customer service to get an estimate. The average headlight restoration is about $500. 

How to Cancel Classic Car Wash Plan? 

Cancel your monthly subscription plan by coordinating with customer service at [email protected] or contact their branch numbers (listed above).

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