Kaady Car Wash Prices List 2024: Cost & Reviews

At a glance:

  • Kaady Car Wash is an “exterior-only” service provider operating in Portland, Vancouver, and some parts of Northern California.
  • There car wash facilities are open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM in Oregon, Washington, and California except on holidays. 
  • They offer two car wash packages (Advanced $10 and Ulitmate $15) and an unlimited wash club membership for $39 monthly. 

Kaady Car Wash is known for its “touchless” technology, unlike other establishments that use chemical-based high-pressure car washing methods. The company has been operating for over 46 years and has been known for its Ultimate and Advanced car wash packages.

Introduction of Kaady Car Wash

Introduction of Kaady Car Wash

Kaady Car Wash is a local establishment operating in both Portland and Vancouver. Since its inception in 1976, the company has expanded its operations to Corvallis, Oregon, and Northern California, with 19 locations across the three states. 

One of Kaady’s main focuses is conserving water usage using a computer-aided operation. They achieve this using their non-acidic, non-corrosive, and non-caustic cleaning agent. 

Kaady boasts their car wash technology which consumes only 40% of water compared to hand-based driveway cleaning at home. 

Kaady Car Wash Prices:

Kaady Car Wash Prices

Overall, Kaady Car Wash offers two packages (Advanced and Ultimate), with a monthly unlimited subscription option (Ultimate Package only) and fleet/volume arrangements. 

How Much Is a Car Wash at Kaady Car Wash?

Kaady Car Wash Cost

Prices for Kaady Car Wash are the same for all states, but locations don’t offer free vacuums. Unlimited wash is only available in the OR and WA regions. Overall, the locations in these states offer a better bang for the buck than their CA counterparts. 

Prices for All Kaady Car Wash Services

Prices for All Kaady Car Wash Services

Kaady Car Wash prices are the same in all locations. Here are the single-only car wash prices for Kaady Car Wash: 

  • Advanced Package ($10)
  • Ultimate Package ($15)

Kaady Car Wash Prices List

Advanced and Ultimate are available for unlimited plans or fleet/volume discounts. You need to contact Kaady to get a fleet discount quotation for 100 cars.

Kaady Car Wash Prices List:



Packages: (OR & WA)

Packages: (CA)



Special Shampoos + Soft-Cloth Cleaning + Touch-Free Drying & Free Vacuums

Special Shampoos + Soft-Cloth Cleaning & Touch-Free Drying



Advanced Wash + Ceramic Dura Guard + Wheel Guard + Liquid Polish + Underbody Rinse & Free Vacuums

Advanced Wash + Ceramic Dura Guard + Wheel Guard + Liquid Polish + Underbody Rinse

Kaady Car Wash Unlimited Wash Club Prices:



[APP Only] Ultimate Package
(not available in CA)


No cancellation fees, long-term contracts, and windshield stickers

Kaady Car Wash Fleet & Volume Discount Prices List:

Number of Cars:

Prices: (Advanced)

Prices: (Ultimate)


$8 per wash

$12 per wash


$7.50 per wash

$11.25 per wash


Call for pricing

Call for pricing

Prices Compared with other Brands

Kaady Car Wash Prices Compared with other Brands

What’s unique about Kaady Car Wash is that it only has two package offerings, unlike other establishments that offer at least three tiers. This massively helps a lot of customers to choose if they will either prioritize budget or quality. Not to mention that its offerings don’t exceed $20 even in its locations in California. 

The disadvantage of this pricing model would feel restricting for those who love to get more options on their car wash. People who prefer a full-service car wash might want to look for alternatives elsewhere because Kaady is an exterior-only establishment. 

There are no premium tiers or features like tire shine, ceramic coating, triple conditioner, and rain-repellent features. Kaady is for budget-conscious customers who just need quick automotive cleaning services to keep their cars presentable. 

Kaady Car Wash Prices vs. Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Prices: (Cheapest Single Washes)

Kaady Car Wash








Rainforest Car Wash


Kaady Car Wash Coupons: How to Reduce Cost

Kaady Car Wash Coupons: How to Reduce Cost

Kaady offers a bundle discount through the Car Wash Discount Card. This card contains 4 washes for the price of 3 ($30 for the Advanced Package and $45 for the Ultimate Package). 

Another way to save money is by buying Car Wash Gift Cards. This card works similarly to the Car Wash Discount Card, but you can add a personal message or designate the card owner. 

These discounts are only available online in Washington/Oregon locations. 

Tips & Guides: How to Use Kaady Car Wash?

Tips & Guides: How to Use Kaady Car Wash

For only $39, Kaady’s unlimited car wash club is pretty much a steal since the service you’re getting is based on the Ultimate package. Another option is to capitalize on bulk discounts from Car Wash Discount Card since you get one free wash per 3 card purchases. 

The CA location doesn’t have many perks compared to its OR/WA counterparts. Unless you’re closer to the CA location, it’s better to use the service from other states due to better perks like free vacuum cleaning.

How to Cancel Kaady Car Wash Membership?

How to Cancel Kaady Car Wash Membership

You can send a cancellation request via the Kaady mobile app or message their customer service using the contact page. Alternatively, you can also submit a request to any Kaady Car Wash locations near you. 

Kaady Car Wash Pay & Application: Employment Opportunities

Kaady Car Wash Pay & Application: Employment Opportunities

Kaady offer hourly rates for Car Care Specialist ($21), Shift Lead ($20), and Shift Operator ($19), while management positions are salaried. There is also a culture of teamwork which is demonstrated most of the time. 

The compensation is decent, but management is known to impose strict policies. For example, employees must be in uniform even if the weather is bad. Most employment issues seem to differ from store to store, but the problem with no breaks seems consistent. 

You can apply to Kaady by submitting your applications on this page

Kaady Car Wash Reviews: Is it worth it?

Kaady Car Wash Reviews: Is it worth it

The price of Kaady Car Wash packages is decent if you’re just looking for a quick and effective external car wash. Most users are satisfied with the quality, especially when you factor in the price and competitor offerings. 

But the lack of interior options (even just a free interior vacuum) makes the experience a bit more disappointing for other people. Kaady might not be a perfect choice if you need a car wash with interior options. 

Find Kaady Car Wash Hours & Locations Near You

Find Kaady Car Wash Hours & Locations Near You

Here are all the available locations and their respective contact details for Kaady Car Wash. Kaady locations are usually open from Monday to Sunday, 8 AM to 8 PM. 


  • Corvalis (541-207-3097)
  • Hillsboro (503-648-1717)
  • Hillsboro 70th Ave (503-246-7735)
  • King City (503-624-0598)
  • Lake Oswego (503-636-9282)
  • Lake Oswego Ferry Rd (503-636-9282)
  • Portland (503-246-7562)
  • Portland Cornell Rd (503-645-8661)
  • Tualatin (503-691-2676)
  • Tualatin Sherwood Rd (503-482-5441)
  • Beaverton (503-641-8669)
  • Beaverton 13375 (503-643-2982)
  • Burnside St (Upcoming)


  • Vancouver Andresen Rd (360-694-8136)
  • Vancouver 11th Ave (360-254-6336)
  • Vancouver (360-256-9817)


  • Albany (510-527-5733)

Final Thoughts

Kaady Car Wash Prices

Overall, the Kaady car wash is great for a quick exterior-only car wash. If you’re planning to try out their service, go for the $10 wash to see if this package is good enough for your needs. Most people who use their services are satisfied with the $10 package. 

You might have to check for other places if you’re looking for interior wash and additional offers. Just don’t expect to have vacuum cleaners available always. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Kaady Car Wash Prices List

Here are the FAQs for Kaady Car Wash. 

Is Kaady Car Wash Brushless?

Kaady uses a brushless process through Fiber-Soft to minimize water usage from high-pressure water blasters. 

How Much Does A Wash Cost at Kaady Car Wash? 

Kaady offers $10 for Advanced Wash and $15 for Ultimate Wash. 

What’s the Price of Kaady Unlimited Wash Club?

Kaady’s unlimited wash club cost is $39. 

How Much Does Kaady Car Wash Cost Monthly Pass? 

The monthly subscription is only available for Ultimate at $39. 

Does Kaady Have Express Car Wash?

All of Kaady’s packages (Ultimate and Advanced) are exterior-only throughout Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. 

What’s Price of Kaady Car Wash Fleet Program?

The Fleet Program offers $8 for Advanced and $12 for Ultimate if you have 100+ cars. 

Does Kaady Have Full Service Car Wash? 

The company doesn’t have a Full-Service Car Wash. 

What’s the Price of Kaady Car Wash Oil Change?

Kaady don’t have any oil change services or savings coupons as of the moment. We’ll let you know if the company adds oil change services to its offerings as soon as possible. 

Does Kaady Provide Detailing Car Wash?

The company is car-wash exclusive at this time. 

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