Royal Touch Car Wash Prices 2024

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  • Royal Touch car offers wash services in different packages – Basic Interior Cleaning, Express Wash, Deluxe Wash, Ultimate Wash, and The Royal Touch wash.
  • Royal Touch car wash packages are some of the most affordable around. Their “basic” package costs only $5 and their most expensive packages cost $15 only.
  • Customers can avail of Royal Touch’s special discount offerings. Avail of the special discounts of either 12% or 15% applicable for future washes.
  • Royal Touch Car Wash facilities operate from 8 am – 6 pm on weekdays, 8 am – 5 pm on Saturdays, and 9 am – 4 pm on Sundays.

Here are the topics addressed in this Royal Touch Car Wash Price Guide:

What Is Royal Touch Car Wash?

Royal Touch Car Wash is an auto wash and detailing service provider. Their headquarters is located at 2711 Mannheim Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60018, United States. This car wash uses a washing system that combines gentle foam brushes with high pressure sprays in cleaning vehicles.

Royal Touch Car Wash Prices

Royal Touch Car Wash Prices

Choose from different packages that include tire shines, window cleaning, and sealer wax at affordable prices.

How Much Is a Car Wash at Royal Touch Car Wash?

Prices of regular one-time washes start from $5. Royal Touch’s most expensive regular wash packages are offered at $15 each.

Prices for Royal Touch Car Wash Detail

Royal Touch’s car detailing services come in different price points. Their Basic Interior Cleaning and the Royal Touch packages are their priciest packages at $15 each, while their Express Wash, Deluxe Wash and the Ultimate Wash packages cost $5, $8 and $12, respectively.  

3 Different Detailing Packages Prices

Royal Touch offers three different packages for their car detailing services. If you want to get a thorough cleaning of all the interior surfaces of your car, you can avail of their Interior Treatment Service (at $180). Their Exterior Treatment service, a 3-step restoration process, costs only $190.

If both interior and exterior cleanings are availed, they will subtract $50 from the combined total of $370.

Royal Touch Car Wash Prices List

Here’s a table for more details:



Basic Interior Cleaning (floor, windows, dash & door jambs, rubber mats, air freshener)


Express Wash (soft cloth)


Deluxe Wash (tire & wheel cleaner, underbody wash)


Ultimate Wash (Deluxe Wash +surface protectant+ triple foam + tire shine)


The Royal Touch (Ultimate Wash + advanced presoak + extreme shine wax)


How Does Royal Touch Car Wash Pricing Compare to Other Car Wash Brands?

Compared to Mr. Clean, the pricing of Royal Touch is competitively lower. Mr. Clean offers their basic service at $7.5, which is higher by $2.5 compared to the same service offered by Royal Touch.

Are There Ways to Reduce Cost?

Yes, there are.

Royal Touch offers prepaid cards for a 12% or 15% discount on future washes. They also offer gift cards (no expiry date).

You can also avail of their Unlimited Monthly Wash Pass. If you register in this program, you can get certain privileges. First, you have the privilege of washing your car in their facility as often as you want (unlimited wash).

Next, you don’t have to pay every time you wash your car in their facility. Your billing statement will be sent to you only once a month.

The program is also an opportunity to cut your car wash costs. For instance, the company’s $12 regular offering (Ultimate Wash) is offered via the “unlimited” promo at only $29 per month.

Royal Touch Car Wash Coupons

Royal Touch Car Wash coupons are not available at the moment.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a car wash provider that is budget-friendly, one of your good options is Royal Touch Car Wash. Their prices are affordable and competitive.

You can avail of the company’s Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, Unlimited Wash Pass, or Holiday Promo to keep your car wash cost low and help you save some extra dollars for car maintenance and fuel.

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