Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices 2024

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  • Delta Sonic Car Wash is an automobile convenience facility that offers gas stations, stores, minor repairs, oil changes, and car wash services. 
  • An all in one package, customers like how everything they need for a good car service is in one place. 
  • Starting at $21.99, customers can get their cars cleaned thoroughly with lightning speed

Getting a car wash, whether its Automatic car wash or Manual car wash, should not be an annoying and inconvenient experience. What if you want to grab a quick snack and get your oils changed, too, while waiting for your car to be cleaned? In Delta Sonic, you can get good all-around services for a very reasonable price.

What Is Delta Sonic Car Wash?

Delta Sonic Car Wash is a family-owned car wash service company that offers washing stations, snack department, minor repairs, and oil change services. It is currently headquartered in Buffalo, NY and has been expanding its influence since opening.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Customer Services / Packages:

As of now, the company has Super Kiss, Super Kiss Plus, Basic Interior Cleaning, Super Interior Cleaning, and more. You can get interior cleaning, express services, full detailing, rustproofing, and a la carte services.

Is Delta Sonic Car Wash Touchless Service?

There is an option for a touchless car wash which includes high-pressure sprays, sonic suds, and revitalizer. But for a more thorough cleaning (and lots of additional services), you can choose one of their Super Kiss packages.

What Is A Delta Sonic Super Kiss?

The Delta Sonic Super Kiss wash includes everything in a touchless car wash, with the addition of brake dust remover, clear coat protectant, clear coat polish, rust inhibitor, and under the spray. The Super Kiss Plus adds gloss, glaze, and rain protection to your car.

What Is Delta Sonic Car Wash Unlimited Plan?

The company offers two unlimited packages with two different variances: Unlimited Super Kiss and Unlimited Interior.

  • Unlimited Super Kiss – Comes with Super Kiss and Super Kiss Plus variants. Each plan is automatically billed per month. 
  • Unlimited Interiors – Get unlimited interior washes for one month using this package. 

What Is Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems?

The system used by Delta Sonic Car Wash can accommodate vehicles with a maximum of 7ft height and a maximum tire size of 12.5”. For Union Road, the maximum tire size is 10.5”.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Delta Sonic Car Wash Cost?

Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices

Prices for Delta Sonic Car Wash services are quite more expensive than other car washes like Autobell Car Wash, Brown Bear Car Wash, The Wash Tub, Goo Goo Car Wash, Mister Car Wash, Moo Moo Car Wash, Quick Quack Car Wash, Hoffman Car Wash, Mike’s Carwash, Crew Carwash, or Zips Car Wash when it comes to retail prices, starting at $21.99 for a basic wash. However, its unlimited services with the basic full Delta Sonic Car Wash packages are cheaper and add more features like oil change and express lane.

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost At Delta Sonic?

Basic interior cleaning starts at $21.99 performed within 10 minutes. An express service starts at $39.99, while a full detail (including exterior and interior detail) starts at $199.99. Delta Sonic’s best service, the Ultimate Detail, makes your car looks like a showroom item for $399.99.

How Much Is A Delta Sonic Super Kiss Car Wash?

For unlimited washes, you can get the Unlimited Super Kiss Wash plan at $29.99. However, if you want three washes without a subscription, you can get the three-pack wash tickets for only $47.97.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Unlimited Plan Prices

If you want regular car wash options, you can instead get Delta Sonic’s unlimited packages, which starts at only $29.99.

  • Unlimited Super Kiss – Touchless car wash with the gas price benefit for only $29.99. 
  • Unlimited Super Kiss Plus – Upgrade your Super Kiss plan with additional tire dressing and polishing for only $44.99. 
  • Unlimited Basic Interior Cleaning – Basic interior-only unlimited plan for $29.99. 
  • Unlimited Super Interior Cleaning – Get your car interior the best cleaning it deserves every day for $44.99.

Prices For All Delta Sonic Car Wash Customer Services:

Delta Sonic car wash gives interior cleaning for as low as $21.99. Customers can also get express cleaning for only $39.99 that includes hand waxing and vinyl protectant. For a full clean and polish experience, the Ultimate Detail package includes odor elimination, engine steam cleaning, and Valugard’s services for $399.99. You can also rustproof your vehicle body or choose for specific services in their a la carte services.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Gift Cards Prices

For a more flexible car wash, or if you just want to send some love to your loved ones, getting the Delta Sonic Gift Card is a more affordable and flexible option. Gift card prices start at $5 with the highest denomination being $100. These gift cards are valid at any car wash, detail shop, and oil change branches of Delta Sonic.

Gift cards are available for $5, $10, $20, $25, $40, $50, and $100. Any gift card can be used to purchase any Delta Sonic services, but cannot be used for the convenience store, gasoline, and online products.

Delta Sonic Price List For All Services:

You can quickly find the services you want and the Delta Sonic car wash price for it in a comprehensive list below. Take note: prices might vary on different Delta Sonic car wash locations nationwide.

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Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash Plan Price List

Looking for the unlimited packages? Keep your car clean and shiny with these unlimited options. Check out the best Delta Sonic car wash price plans for you below.

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Oil Changes, Auto Restyling Car Care Services Prices List

Delta Sonic Car Wash also offers oil changes for both semi-synthetic and full synthetic oil. Check out the oil change prices, as well as the repairs maintenance fees and a la carte in the following tables.

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Gas & The Card Car Care Services Prices List

You can also opt for “Delta Sonic Car Wash The Card”, which is a payment option managed by Zipline. While using this card, you can save from 10¢ up to 15¢ per gallon when you pay for gas using this card.

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Delta Sonic Car Wash Coupons & Delta Sonic Car Wash Deals

Unfortunately, there are no current Delta Sonic deals for its car wash and detailing services. However, you can take advantage of its current oil change promotion. By using the bar codes found on this page, you can save up to $10 off on your next oil change. This also includes free Super Kiss Car Wash. Hurry up, you can only avail of this promotion until January 31, 2021.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Detailing Coupons

There are no available deals for Delta Sonic detailing right now. To get the latest promotional offers of the company, you can join their Text Club by sending “deltasonic” to 555-888. Alternatively, you can fill the form here.

Does Delta Sonic Have Free Car Wash?

When you opt for a Super Kiss Plus, you also get two Super Kiss Car Washes which is valid in 2 weeks. Likewise, if you purchase a Super Kiss, you can get one free Super Kiss Wash, which is valid for five days.

Are Delta Sonic Vacuums Free?

Delta Sonic offers a powerful self-service vacuum cleaner. Be careful on your first try, as these vacuums do pack quite a punch. Whether its touchless car wash, full-service car wash, or self-service car wash, the vacuums are free of use.

Do You Tip At Delta Sonic?

It’s really up to you if you want to give a tip, especially if you received a good service. Delta Sonic gives its employees paid tipped wages, so it encouraged to give the hardworking staff something to boost them from working.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Hours Of Operation Near Me Locations & Corporate Office

Delta Sonic has a lot of locations in new Tork and Illinois. You don’t have to google “Delta Sonic car wash Near Me” to find one nearby. For inquiries, you can call their service numbers listed below if you have more questions.

What Time Does Delta Sonic Car Wash Open?

Most Delta Sonic Car Wash hours of operation are between 7 AM to 8 PM during the weekdays and close earlier on Sundays. The oil change and convenience stores are usually open in an earlier hour and close later to accommodate customers.

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Delta Sonic Car Wash Corporate Office:

As of now, the Delta Sonic headquarters can be found at Buffalo, New York. If you want a full refund for an online purchase because of unsatisfactory experience, you can visit them at Delta Sonic Returns, 570 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY 14202.

To contact Delta Sonic Car Wash customer service, you can visit any location near you or fill up this contact form. If you need immediate help from a customer service staff, you can make a call at 1-800-843-5477 or 1-800-THE-KISS for your inquiries, refunds, complaints, suggestions, and other matters.

How To Cancel Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash Membership?

Members of the unlimited club will only be able to cancel Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash before the 25th of the month. No refund or credit is given, but your paid membership coverage will be active even after canceling. Take note that you cannot cancel your membership if you paid the price upfront. The cancelation confirmation can take up to 48 hours. You don’t need to initiate a Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash cancel in case you want to transfer it to a new vehicle. Just present your membership number to the cashier.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Reviews: Is Quick Quack Car Wash Good?

Regular customers like Delta Sonic for one good reason: the affordable and fast unlimited car wash service. The gas discount is also a good addition since all you have to do is to get the card to have access to this benefit. If you’re a member of the unlimited club, you can also get more benefits such as discounts to other washes or protectant services.

Final Thoughts

The Delta Sonic car wash is one of the best car wash providers in New York. In addition, its additional facilities and services make it more convenient for its customers. You can get all the things that you need on a road trip in one place. Check out the nearest Delta Sonic car wash location near you.


Delta Sonic Car Wash Application For Jobs & Careers:

Delta Sonic is always looking for passionate people who are willing to experience working in the car wash industry. The company is committed to giving the best experience to its customers, as well as its employees. It is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for everyone in their facilities. You can contact the HR department using this number: 716-541-2333, to send your Delta Sonic Car Wash job application.

How Much Does Delta Sonic Pay An Hour?

The company follows the mandated minimum wage in the state where they are operating. This is supplemented by additional income from tips of generous customers.

What Age Does Delta Sonic Hire? 

The age requirement for any position in Delta Sonic is at least 16 years old. However, if you’re under 18 years old, you need to provide working papers that you can obtain from your school.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Fundraising:

Delta Sonic can also partner up with non-profit organizations to help in maintaining their operations. Earn 50% of profits for each Super Kiss or Interior Cleaning. Organizations can either use the pre-sell method and pre-order method to gather funds.

  • Pre-sell Method – The fundraisers will take orders from customers. Delta Sonic will then release the wash tickets so the customers can use it.
  • Pre-order method – The fundraiser will buy the tickets themselves and sell it to their customers upfront.

Does Delta Sonic Recycle Their Water?

The water used by the company’s daily operations is processed by its in-house state-approved water treatment facilities. It is just one of their ways to give back to the community and the environment.

Does Delta Sonic Car Wash Do Car Inspections?

A car inspection is automatically initiated once the customers opt for an oil change in Delta Sonic. However, these inspections are only available at select locations.

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