Simoniz Car Wash Prices 2024

At a Glance:

  • Simoniz Garage Car Wash is a Hartford-based detailing service certified by the official Simoniz brand distributor. 
  • Both interior and exterior packages are available for as low as $169.
  • The car wash is only available from Monday to Saturday, from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Simoniz is a car wash product distributor known for its high-quality products and employee training. To facilitate their product testings and proper employee training, they created the Simoniz Car Wash, Officially known as Simoniz Garage; this establishment offers detailing services.

Introduction of Simoniz Car Wash

Simoniz Car Wash, officially known as Simoniz Garage, is a detailing service provider located at Park Road in West Hartford, CT. The business is a family-owned and operated facility, which has been serving for eight years. Its car wash services use authentic Simoniz products.

The garage is a business idea way back in 2012. This was when Simoniz realized that they need space to test their products and do the training for their professional detailers. As of now, the garage has been operating for more than eight years, using certified Simoniz products. 

Customers can schedule to avail their detailing services from Monday to Saturday. The car wash operation at West Hartford starts at 8 AM and is closed by 5 PM. Although they provide services for walk-in customers, booking an appointment from their official website is recommended if you have custom needs. 

What Does Simoniz Cover?

Some of Simoniz Car Wash’s services are car sanitation, hand car wash, interior and exterior washes, wheels, tire cleaning, wax application, and ceramic coating. These services are available via wash packages ranging from $99 to $279. They also offer a la carte detail services, including windshield treatment and headlight restoration. Touchless car wash and drive-through car wash are not available. 

Simoniz Car Wash Prices

Simoniz Car Wash Prices

The Simoniz Car Wash or garage doesn’t have basic, mid-tier, premium packages. What they offer are full service car wash packages with different car parts. For example, if you want a bumper to bumper glass cleaning, they have the package for it. If you only need an exterior wash, you will get the best exterior wash that they offer. 

How Much Is The Car Wash at Simoniz? 

Because their washes include many services and use a lot of Simoniz products, the packages are quite expensive. The cheapest package is the car sanitation package, which starts at $99. Simoniz Garage prices are not practical for everyday cleaning needs. 

Simoniz Car Wash Prices List

Here are all the washes that Simoniz offers to the public. If you only need specific services and not the whole wash packages, you can pay for a la carte services instead.

Simoniz  Car Wash Prices



Sanitize & Disinfect


Superior Bumper To Bumper


Deluxe Bumper To Bumper


Complete Exterior Package


Complete Interior Package


Ceramic Paint Protection

(it needs price inquiry)

Simoniz Garage WH A La Carte Services



Wash Clay Wax


Super Interior Cleaning


Upholstery Cleaning


Leather Cleaning & Conditioning


Carpet Clean


Wash N’ Shine


Headlight Restoration


Vision Blade Window Treatment


Odor Out


Prices Compare To Other Car Wash Brands

The packages from the Simoniz Car Wash are quite expensive compared to other brands. There are no monthly unlimited wash packages offered. If you want to have a car wash regularly, you might want to check other car wash providers like Splash Car Wash, Autobell Car Wash, Crew Car Wash, Zips Car Wash, Mike’s Car Wash, Brown Bear Car Wash, and Costco Car Wash.

Simoniz Car Wash Price vs. Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Prices: One Wash (Basic)


$279 (complete wash)








Are There Ways To Reduce Cost? 

The company offers a military discount, but no other promotions are available right now apart from that. We will keep you updated if there is an available promotion from the Simoniz garage. You can contact the garage by their customer service chat or use this form if you want more information about their future promotions. 

How To Get & Use The Simoniz Car Wash Coupons? 

There are no Simoniz Car Wash coupons or any active car wash promotions right now. However, the garage would often offer coupons for future visits after getting one wash. These incentives are not always available.  But according to their Yelp reviews, they usually give regular customers a car wash coupon from time to time. 

Final Thoughts

The Simoniz Car Wash can be considered as the polar opposite of Costco Car Wash. Both businesses offer one-wash packages. However, while Costco offers a package that you can use every day (cheap and quick washes), Simoniz Garage gives premium offers perfect for special occasions. If you need a car wash that provides premium deep cleaning, or if you want your car to look impressive, Simoniz is an excellent choice.


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