How To Fix Windshield Washer Fluid Hose?

How To Fix Windshield Washer Fluid Hose

Can you fix your vehicle’s windshield washer fluid hose on your own? Yes, but you must know where it is and how to get it out. This article will brief you about the process of replacing the hose. It also has some suggestions on what you can do if you deem it unnecessary to replace the … Read more

How To Remove Chevy Heater Hose Quick Connect?

How To Remove Chevy Heater Hose Quick Connect

Is it easy to remove the heater hose quick connect? While you can get this done even if you haven’t tried it before, nobody’s saying that it would be easy. It depends on the gravity of the problem. You can try a temporary fix, but this will not do the trick if the connectors need replacement. … Read more

How To Clean Cloth Car Seats?

How To Clean Cloth Car Seats

As a car mechanic with over 20 years of experience, one question I often receive from customers is: How do I clean my cloth car seats? I give them simple steps like vacuuming and scrubbing off dirt. This post outlines the entire cleaning process, and gives other ways you can employ in cleaning your car seats. … Read more

How To Replace Lower Radiator Hose?

How To Replace Lower Radiator Hose

How do you replace a lower radiator hose? The cooling system of your vehicle is comprised of rubber hoses, the largest of which can be found in the upper and lower radiator hoses. They tend to wear out in time, but you can replace them as long as you have the right tools and you … Read more

How To Wash A Car Without A Hose?

How To Wash A Car Without A Hose?

Washing your own car could be a challenging task, especially if you are a beginner. If you will learn how to do it, you will find that one of the most important tools to use in washing your car is a good hose. But what if it’s not available or it got broken? Good news, there … Read more

The 10 Best Cheap Car Wash Reviews 2024

Cheap Car Wash

Note: This post offers an honest assessment of the top cheap car wash brands in the country. The goal is to present various cheap car wash options that consumers can choose from. Quick Navigation Top Rated Cheap Car Wash Reviews#1 Zips Car Wash#2 Blue Wave Car Wash#3 Costco Car Wash#4 IQ Car Wash#5 Cobblestone Car … Read more

Cobblestone Car Wash Prices 2024

Cobblestone Car Wash

At a Glance: Cobblestone Auto Spa is an Arizona-based car wash company that offers full-service car wash, auto detailing, oil change, preventive maintenance, and fleet program.You can get unlimited, retail car wash, or fleet programs, depending on your needs.Express / Automatic car wash is available for as low as $9 while the best-unlimited program is available … Read more

What To Know About Car Wash In Cold Weather

Car Wash In Cold Weather

People ask: Can I wash my vehicle in winter?  The answer: Yes, you can. In fact, your car needs frequent washing even during the winter season. This is because, during that season, roads are sprayed with either Magnesium chloride or a salt mixture. These substances can cause corrosion in your vehicle. The parts that are particularly … Read more

Royal Touch Car Wash Prices 2024

Royal Touch Car Wash Royal Touch Car Wash

At a Glance:Royal Touch car offers wash services in different packages – Basic Interior Cleaning, Express Wash, Deluxe Wash, Ultimate Wash, and The Royal Touch wash.Royal Touch car wash packages are some of the most affordable around. Their “basic” package costs only $5 and their most expensive packages cost $15 only.Customers can avail of Royal … Read more