How To Clean Car Carpet?

Professional auto carpet cleaning can cost anywhere from $50 to $135, but doing the job yourself can be remarkably inexpensive and straightforward. Plus, you likely already have at home the tools and materials needed. Keeping your vehicle in its brand new condition can assure you of a higher resale value.

How to Clean Car Carpet?

Here are the steps and materials needed.

What You’ll Need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Paper towels
  • Carpet cleaner

Cleaning Steps:

Most auto parts and grocery stores sell vehicle carpet and upholstery cleaner. These solutions are available in aerosol cans and come with a brush on top.

The cleaner is mainly good for treating spots and stains, but you can also use it for cleaning the whole carpet. 


Step 1 - Vacuum First.

Use a hand-held vacuum with attachments such as crevice tool and an upholstery brush. Before vacuuming, remove debris that stick to the carpet. Also, remove the floor mats.

Proceed to vacuuming. Press the machine firmly on the carpet surface. Vacuum other parts as well, like surfaces under the pedals and seats. For hard to reach corners use the crevice attachment.


Step 2 - Remove Stains.

Apply the carpet cleaner on stains and let it sit there for a few minutes. Afterward, use the soft bristle brush to scrub away the stains. Scrub in circular motion. After the stains have been removed, proceed to dry the carpet using paper towels and clean cloth rags.

For older and tougher stains, you can use a homemade detergent solution. Mix a teaspoon of translucent liquid dishwashing detergent with a cup of lukewarm water. Apply the solution and dry the surface afterward.


Step 3 - Clean The Still-Untouched Areas.

After the stains are removed, apply the cleaner on the remaining untouched areas. Coat these areas evenly without over applying. Scrub the solution over these areas, but make sure to apply only gentle strokes in order to avoid damaging the surfaces. Proceed to drying with the use of clean rags.


Step 4 - Vacuum Again.

During the wash and stain removal, dirt may have been pushed to the surface of the carpet. Vacuuming again will allow you to remove it and ensure that your carpet is perfectly clean.
After vacuuming, reinstall the floor mats.

Here is a helpful video for a clear presentation of the steps:


  • To make sure that the carpet is cleaned all throughout, cover its surfaces by section. Clean one section thoroughly and then cover succeeding parts.
  • Vacuum slowly enough to make sure that you clean the carpet as much as possible. Two slow passes draw in ground-in dirt faster than several fast passes.


  • Place the vacuum at the right height. Placing it too low can cause damage to the carpet’s surface or even the vacuum’s roller brush and drive belt.
  • Carpet cleaners may contain toxic fumes that may be dangerous to children if they play on the carpet immediately after it has been cleaned. Toxic fumes also pose risks to the liver and the kidney.
  • Oversaturating your carpet during cleaning can cause water to be absorbed into the fibers and backing. This encourages mold growth, which is a harmful condition in closed spaces like a car.


It is pretty easy to clean a car’s carpet, though it can be a boring task. Those who experience difficulty in cleaning their carpet may just be doing the wrong steps. It can be a stress-free and easy task to do if you follow the right steps.

Overall, a clean carpet can make your car feel fresher, making your driving time much more enjoyable.

The interior of your car, including the carpet should be cleaned once a month, but the vehicle’s surfaces should be cleaned on a daily basis to keep trash away and dirt from accumulating.

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