How To Use A Rinseless Car Wash?

At a Glance:

  • Rinseless Wash is an excellent way to clean your car if you stay in a restricted-water area.
  • There are lots of benefits from using a rinseless car wash. These include saving water, using in direct sunlight, and avoiding many chemicals.
  • You can do a rinseless wash with the two most necessary materials: the rinseless car wash product and the pro-blend bottle proportioner. The cost can start at $25.70, provided that you already have the other materials at home.

What Is Rinseless Car Wash?

What Is Rinseless Car Wash?
Rinseless car wash is a washing procedure that instead of rinsing after, you only need to wipe it with a clean cloth. It saves your time cleaning, and you can avoid using too many chemicals that can be bad for the drain.

The benefit of doing a rinseless wash is that it allows you to save a lot of water. Imagine filling up water in multiple buckets that would increase your water bills.

You also wouldn’t have to worry about the soap drying on the surface of your car since it is possible to use this method in direct sunlight.

Why Go With Rinseless Wash?

The process of rinseless car wash only requires less water and is perfect for situations like:

  • Staying At An Apartment, A Condo, Or A Hotel. – There may be no space to wash your car with a source of clean water.
  • Water Restrictions/Drought. – Some governments may implement water restrictions around your area to prevent the depletion of water.
  • Cold Winter Season. – Washing in the winter may put your car at risk of getting damaged since water freezes quickly during the season.
  • Road Trip – If you are traveling long distance, finding a place with clean water to wash your car can be challenging.

Is Rinseless Car Wash Safe?

The rinseless car wash process is safe and best for cars that are slightly or moderately dirty.

Suppose your vehicle is too filthy, and there are dirt buildups that you can see in several areas. In that case, it is best to use a pressure washer first before using the product.

Rinseless wash is also safe for cars with ceramic coating. The procedure does not scratch and damage your vehicle with the proper use of the product.

How to Use Rinseless Car Wash?

How To Use A Rinseless Wash

There are several ways on how to use a rinseless car wash. In this method, you will need to mix the solution with water in the bucket. You will also use a pro-blend bottle proportioner to measure the concentrate correctly.

We will divide the process into three parts, namely:

  • Gathering the materials
  • Preparing for washing
  • Using the Rinseless Car Wash


Part #1 - Gathering the materials.

The materials that you will need to do a rinseless wash are:

  • Rinseless wash product. - The product is a solution that you will mix with water in the bucket. It can help you save water and wash your car faster. It is also perfect if you are living in an area that is water-restricted.
  • Pro-blend bottle proportioner. - The pro-blend bottle proportioner is a device you can use to measure the rinseless wash solution accurately.
  • Cross-cut sponge or microfiber wash mitt. - Designed by Optimum, the cross-cut sponge is a type of sponge that allows you to wash large areas without the risk of damaging your car. You can also use a microfiber wash mitt if a cross-cut sponge is not available.
  • Multi-purpose pressure spray. - The pressure spray is essential to let the dirt loose before washing the car with the rinseless car wash.
  • Microfiber towel. - You can use microfiber towels to wipe the car’s surface after washing.
  • Bucket. - You can use a bucket to mix water and the rinseless wash solution that you will use to wash the car.
  • Grit guard insert. - This product is useful in preventing the dirt from contaminating the water inside the bucket. Insert this product in the bucket.
  • Drying aid (optional). - This product will give additional protection to your car.


Part #2 - Preparing for washing.

Before getting to the washing part, do these steps first as preparation before using the rinseless wash product.

  1. Fill the multi-purpose pressure spray with water and cover it on all areas of the car. Most pressure sprays have nozzles from which you can adjust the water pressure according to your liking. It also has a continuous spray feature so that you would not have to hold the button every time.
  2. After spraying, leave it for at least five minutes. This step would allow the dirt to loosen up a bit for effortless wash later.
  3. While waiting for the dirt to loosen up, replace the cap of the rinseless car wash bottle with the pro-blend bottle proportioner. Seal it tightly.
  4. Measure the solution with the pro-blend bottle proportioner. In doing so, turn the proportioner to the desired amount of measurement. Squeeze the container until the liquid fills up the pro-blend bottle proportioner and passes the marker. One ounce per solution is equivalent to two gallons of water.
  5. Put the grit guard insert in the bucket and fill it up with water. The grit guard insert will prevent water contamination by making sure the dirt stays at the bottom.
  6. While water is filling up, pour the solution into the bucket. Mix it thoroughly. Turn off the faucet after filling up the bucket with water.
  7. Once you have prepared the solution and the dirt has loosened up, it’s time to wash your car.


Part #3 - Using the Rinseless Car Wash.

Here comes the fun part! Now, let’s clean your car with the rinseless wash method.

  1. Dip your cross-cut sponge or microfiber wash mitt into the water mixed with the rinseless car wash product. Squeeze the sponge or mitt a bit before washing the vehicle.
  2. With the sponge, use straight strokes in washing your car. We recommend you to start cleaning first on the top of your vehicle. If the sponge or mitt is dry, dip it into the solution again. Repeat the process until you have cleaned all areas.
  3. Wipe your car’s surface with a microfiber towel. Do so in a gentle, straight motion.
    OPTIONAL: Use a drying aid as additional protection for your car. The drying aid will help prevent damage to the paint and surface of your vehicle. Apply it immediately after washing your vehicle.

Need some help? Here is a video to guide you in using a rinseless car wash properly:

Rinseless Car Wash Guide

Sometimes, using a rinseless wash is the only option to clean your car, especially when there is no water source in your area. Here is a guide to help you in buying and using the rinseless car wash.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is better to start washing at the top of the car down to the bottom.
  • We recommend using a microfiber towel to remove the car’s surface since it can hold the dirt well and absorb it quickly.
  • Put a grit guard insert inside the bucket to avoid contaminating the water.
  • Use straight strokes when washing the car.

Rinseless Car Wash Pros and Cons

Things We Like

  • A person can save lots of water and lower the water bills.
  • It is possible to use the rinseless wash in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid too many chemicals that are bad for the drain.
  • It is perfect for areas with water restrictions.

Things We Don't Like

  • It is not suitable for heavily dirty cars.
  • It can be costly if you haven’t got the materials needed to do a rinseless wash.

What to Look for in a Rinseless Car Wash?

There are times when you do not have access to a hose and free-flowing water. In that case, using a rinseless wash is the solution.

The things that you should look for in a car wash without a hose are the rinseless car wash solution, pro-blend bottle proportioner, bucket, microfiber towels, and sponge. Also, do not forget about the grit guard insert and the pressure spray.

How to Cut the Costs in It?

The cost of a rinseless wash is around $19.76, depending on the brand. Meanwhile, the price of a No Rinse Wash & Shine bottle start at $8.99.

Therefore, the total cost of doing a rinseless car wash will be $25.70, assuming that you already have the other things you need to do a rinseless wash.

It is also possible to save money by looking for sale items or purchase online.


The rinseless car wash is an excellent alternative for those who are staying in water-restricted areas. This method is suitable for cars that are slightly or moderately dirty. But, it may not work as well for heavily soiled vehicles.

It also has various benefits, like saving lots of water and direct sunlight use. You can do a rinseless car wash at the starting cost of $25.70 with the two necessary materials.

How about you? What do you think about the rinseless wash? Please tell us what you feel about the rinseless car wash in the comment section.

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